Meet the Team

The Color of My Voice would not be possible without the help of individuals from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Keidai Lee

hint: “hey, hi! It’s Keidai” rhymes

Willa Grinsfeld


Lorraine Rinaldi


Founder, Director, Scriptwriter, Storyboard Artist, Audio & Visual Editor, Hand Choreographer, Marketing, Web Designer

Lead Scriptwriter

Marketing Director, Video Editor

Monroe Community College ’19
Johns Hopkins ’22

Johns Hopkins ’21

Johns Hopkins ’23

Keidai Lee Avatar Happy

I love being able to tell some stories in color – stories that have been neutralized or muted for far too long.

DSC00246 - Willa Grinsfelder

I am excited to listen to the stories that people would like to share with the world, and help them shape those stories into the videos that will appear on our platform!

IMG_9266 - Lorraine Rinaldi

As a film major, I love how films can be used to connect with people at such an empathetic level and discuss topics that are often difficult to talk about. The Color of My Voice does both of these in a beautiful and evocative way. I am so proud to call myself a member of this team!

One time, I tried to bring Jilli (below) to school with me for Bring Your Child to Work Day as my sister.

I harbor a deep desire to live in a bookstore as a little troll, jumping from stack of books to stack of books and reading all day long, every day.

I can make the Perry the Platypus sound from Phineas and Ferb!


Omolara Uthman

Angela Yang


aka Andrew Mallinoff


Johns Hopkins ’21


Tufts ’23

LOCH RAVEN Andrew Mallinoff

I love the creativity with which the Color of My Voice tells complex (and sometimes difficult) stories. We’ve often silenced or diminished the voices of non-white people in America. I love that this project celebrates diverse voices while also showing us that our differences are actually what make us special.

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I joined this project because I believe in the power of storytelling. It’s been an honor to learn from the wonderful people we feature, and work to make sure their stories are told in the most effective way possible. I’ve learned so much through The Color of My Voice, and am constantly blown away by the work that we produce!

Angela Yang

I’m excited to be working with a unique platform that stands to amplify the voices that have been silenced for too long.

Once, I road tripped 3000 miles across the country in a 1977 school bus!

I can spell the alphabet backwards 🙂

One time, I met Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a school trip.

Semhal Beyene

Sean Conlon

Evelyn Zhang

Animator, Script Editor

Johns Hopkins ’22

Sound Designer, Audio Editor, Script Editor

Columbia ’23

Sound Designer, Audio Editor, Script Editor

Johns Hopkins ’22

personality_pic - Semhal Beyene

I agreed to work on this project because I liked how it gave people the opportunity to share their experiences that they personally may think is not worth sharing. They are then able to talk about their experience in a way that others can view and understand. I’m also excited about people being able to watch our videos and gain a new perspective.

Sean Conlon

As an aspiring broadcast journalist, I love how the Color of My Voice communicates underrepresented stories to the world. I am excited about working on the creative and technical aspects of these stories, and I regularly enjoy meeting individuals from all walks of life.

Lake – Evelyn Zhang

I like how this project offers me an opportunity to talk to people about their experience with discrimination.

I like to roller skate.

I used to be a competitive figure skater!

My funnest fun fact: I’m waiting for my brain to fish out the funnest fun fact.

Yen Jung Chang

Sophia Lin

Sayo Ogunleye


National Taiwan Normal University


Johns Hopkins ’24

Scriptwriter, Marketing

Johns Hopkins ’22

Yen Headshot

Coming soon!

photo - Sophia Lin

I’m excited about being able to create change through creativity — and to share such diverse, important, and unforgettable stories!

IMG-6015 (1) - Olufisayo Atanda-Ogunleye

I love the Color of My Voice mission and I always look forward to having conversations with people and discovering new perspectives on life.

Coming soon!

I was a taco for the last three Halloweens :))

I am a citizen of three countries!

Alice Xie

Scriptwriter, Marketing

Johns Hopkins ’22

inbound5546319619623282087 - Alice Xie

Surprisingly, COVID-19 has pushed me past my typical boundaries of introverted-ness, and in an effort to maintain my sanity, I regularly look forward to talking with prospective storytellers/having (virtual) human contact!

I can move my tendons off my knuckles 🙂

Alumni Team Members

A big salute to the countless hours and labor of love that The Color of My Voice's foundation rests on.

Amara Gammon

Jeanie Fung

Melody Lei

Animator, Storyboard Artist, Voice Actor

Johns Hopkins ’23

Animator, Logo Designer

Johns Hopkins ’23

Video Editor, Sound Designer

Johns Hopkins ’23

IMG_6184 - Amara Gammon

I’m sooo excited to put out our first videos! We have all put so much work and time into this video project and I truly hope that our hard work reaches people and helps them feel connected.

106720102_304547157415734_4530142738341644810_n - Jeanie Fung

I’m excited to be a part of a new and more creative approach towards social change!


I want to provide a medium to share other people’s stories and perspectives.

I collect bells from states and countries–I have 54 in my collection and my goal is to hit 100 by 2030!

I have a weird birth mark on my armpit so I question how I died in my past life

I once taped green pants to a wall to make a green screen. It worked 😁

Basilio Daniel Gonzales

Katie Li

Alyssa Hoadley

Video Editor, Sound Designer


Storyboard Artist, Hand Choreographer

University of Maryland ’24

Johns Hopkins ’22

Monroe Community College ’19
SUNY Cortland ’21

4BBA73E6-B562-476C-B33B-D1DAA8B0C237 - Daniel Gonzales

I’m most excited to help spread a wonderful message that not only encourages open-mindness over ignorance, but let’s people going through similar know they aren’t alone.

B3ADD00C-D16D-4A93-9817-5310B87B4A2E - Kathleen Li

I’m really excited to tell people’s’ stories in this format! I think this format is beautiful and clever, and I hope it does help to increase people’s’ empathy and awareness of these issues.

Processed with VSCO with ka3 preset

I love film and social justice work. And supporting friends!!

I have three first names and I’m partially colorblind

I’m in a sport called dragon boat!

Did you know that the Washington Monument is actually 2 different colors? The first company ran out of money while building it. The next company that took over used stone from a different masonry and couldn’t match the color exactly. Once you see it you can never unsee it.

Jared Free

Sam Getachew

Evelyn Shiang

Hand Choreographer

Columbia ’23


Johns Hopkins ’22

Web Designer

Johns Hopkins ’22

IMG_0462 - Jared Free

I’m super excited about hearing other people’s stories!

Sam Getachew

Coming soon!

9B489DF1-723C-4CDA-9337-D1E4FA599BE4 - Evelyn Shiang

I started drawing when I was 5 years old, but I still love creating art and growing in design today. When I was introduced to the Color of My Voice, I just got so excited by the way creativity is used as an outlet to empower and bring people together, and I had to be a part of it 🙂


Coming soon!

I’m starting a bucket hat collection – my latest addition is blue camo with pink lettering and I love it

Mashiyat Ahmed

Jilli Ding

Tomisin Longe


Johns Hopkins ’23


Stony Brook ’22


Johns Hopkins ’23

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

I love storytelling. I think it’s one of the most powerful tool we can use today’s world to evoke empathy. I am really excited to see how this project grows using the power of storytelling and inviting people to engage in a conversation that explores various experiences and journeys.

IMG_4580 - Jilliana Ding

Keidai and I have gotten into plenty of shenanigans together, and this is one of the more meaningful ones. I’m excited to be a part of something that promotes celebration and has the potential to transform perspectives.

A5C5A352-28DD-4780-B7AF-EAFA3F7A0812 - Tomi Longe

I’m so excited to see the outcome of the entire project. Even if we only effect change in one person I’ll be ecstatic!

I am absolutely terrified of bugs. Even as a 19 year old, one time when I saw a bug (it was a HUGE house centipede) in my dorm room, I called my roommate hysterically crying and sat on the bed frozen for 15 minutes until my roommate came to my rescue!

I can peel an orange in one graceful, remarkable spiral

I once played tennis with Serena Williams!

Maame Oforiwaa Amoah Dankwah


Johns Hopkins ’21

IMG_9817 - Maame Oforiwaa Amoah Dankwah

Before moving to the United States, the color of my skin, or the texture of my hair was never the focus. This project appealed to me because, it is time to be seen beyond the color of my skin or texture of my hair.

My all-time favorite band is westlife (but why are we judging?)

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