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Stories about overcoming racial discrimination

Building compassion and understanding with evidence-based methods.
Illustrated through hand choreography and animation.

"They probably don't understand how delicious Chinese food is because they've never had it before."
"Where do you call home?" with "Where are you really from?" crossed out. Semahl and Keidai (CMV Storytellers)
"You just have to be better." - Cynathia (CMV Storyteller)
"So...do I leave him here to embrace his culture or do I move him because I want him to have a better education? And I'm sad that it's like one or the other...our whole society is segregated." - Kaila (CMV Storyteller)
Empahty is not a choice. It is something we are born with. Compassion is a choice. And our project seeks to tip the balance for compassion." - Amy (CMV Team Member)

Join the Team!

Help us tell stories that build compassion, and help us answer these questions:

1) How can we help people better see how beautifully different or similar people can be?
2) How do we invite in people who normally do not listen to underrepresented voices?
3) How do we use storytelling to give people a second chance to rewrite their narrative?