We were excluded. Yet we rose above.

Stories about overcoming racial discrimination.
Illustrated through hand choreography and animation.

Has anyone treated you differently because of:

the color of your skin,
your heritage, culture, nationality, accent, or
your race?

We collaborate with everyday people to craft a story together.



Meet the Team

From the Founder:

Why I Started the Color of My Voice

Growing up beside a wide variety of people who didn’t look like me, I realized that a lot of people had beautiful, resilient, powerful stories that no one cared to hear, or knew how to ask about. For too long, I saw people in mainstream media, literature, and my everyday life, mocking and dismissing people who were different. In response, I’m not asking everyone to suddenly do a 180. I’m not asking people to suddenly start to value a different kind of person at the expense of valuing others.

Instead, I started the Color of My Voice. I believed that it was time for a new set of voices to also become the main characters of their own stories. Everyone has value, and some people’s value has a beauty that mainstream culture doesn’t know how to respect nor access. There’s something beautiful about actively celebrating who you are despite someone’s hatred or ignorance towards you, but this beauty is not made of vengeance. This beauty comes from broadening the excluder’s understanding of what it means to be human. One of our storytellers, Aaliyah, captured it best:

"Diversity doesn't just benefit those who 'need' to be included.

A degree of dehumanization happens when people are not exposed to others that are not like them."

– Aaliyah

It’s not my job to return a sense of humanity to people who don’t have it, but as a society, we need to change. We need help closing our eyes, and finally seeing and painting the colors of our voices, the ones that have been missing from our own, for far too long.

I’m not sure how I managed to convince a team of college students and working adults to jump on this crazy ride of random ideas we had. But none of this would have been possible without this team of driven, genuine, empathetic people who graciously showed up week after week to make the Color of My Voice happen. You should meet them. They’re pretty cool, I’d say.

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